Tenoning Machine - Automatic Rectangular Tenoner

Tenoning Machine - Automatic Rectangular Tenoner

Automatic Rectangular Tenoner

Product ID: BT-01R

  • The machine is constructed of two tables for greatly increasing tenoning efficiency
  • Centralized panel makes operation easy
  • The machine is equipped with a PL control for stale and convenient operations.
  • This versatile machine is suitable for producing various rectangular tenons.
  • The right/left movement of cutter is driven y air system.
  • The moving cutter design saves time . moving speed is variable.
  • Easy to change tenon direction at horizontal, vertical or 45℃
  • Maximum table tilting is 20℃
  • The crtter feed speed is driven by a servo motor for variable speed change , allowing for cutting various wood materials.














 Centralized Control panel

1.All of the machine motion controls are centralized on a control panel for operational convenience.

2.A cutter feed speed selector is provided above the control panel convenient speed setting.

 Tenon Direction Change Disk

1.The machine allows for cutting tenons in vertical, horizontal and 45° directions.
Tenon direction change is made by turning the disk to the desired direction.Accurate Tenon Length And Width Adjustment.

2.The tenon length and width adjustment mechanisms are equipped with mechanical meters for accurate indication of adjustment amount.

 Cutter Feed Drive by Servo Motor

1.The cutter feed is driven by a servo motor, providing variable speed change to suit various wood materials.

2.The servo motor drive also provides fast cut and accurate tenon shape.

Table can be tilted 20° front downward.

Table can be tilted 15° right and left.


Solid T.C.T Cutter (Stabdard)

22  R02

Throw-away Type Cutter(Optional)
Knife inserts sizes included are:

14 x 14 x 2mm---33 pcs


Throw-away Type Cutter(Optional)

Knife inserts sizes included are:

14 x 14 x 2mm---9 pcs
30 x 12 x 2mm---6 pcs
50 x 12 x 2mm---3 pcs


Spindle speed 9000 R.P.M
Max. length of tenon 60 mm +2R
Max. depth of tenon 0 ~ 50 mm
Table tilt (Table area) 314 x358 mm
Table tilt (Forward) + 5° ~ - 20°
Table tilt(Lateral) 15°
Table tilt(Workpiece fence swivelling) 45°
Spindle motor 3HP
Cutter cycle motor 0.5HP
Net weight 750 kg
Gross weight 850 kg
Machine dimensions 1500 x1050 x1370 mm
Packing dimensions 1550 x1100 x1470 mm


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Address:No. 29, Chien-Cheng Lane, Beitun District Taichung City, 406 Taiwan