Rectangular Tenoner - Double End Automatic Rectangular Tenoner , Tenoning Machine

Rectangular Tenoner -  Double End Automatic Rectangular Tenoner , Tenoning Machine

Double End Automatic Rectangular Tenoner

Product ID: BT-12R

  • Curved Wood Feed System(Optional):
    The curved wood feed system is designed to feed curved wood smoothly.
  • Tenon Cutter head(Optional)
  • Suitable for short wood material.




  • The machine employs a PLC control combined with touch-sensing screen, exhibiting maximum convenience of operation
  • Fully automatic tenoning motions increases throughput greatly.
  • Tenons are cot both ends of workpiece at a time presents high efficiency and high productivity.
  • Designed for producting rectangular and round tenons.
  • Applicable for producting various directions of tenons, such as horizontal, vertical and beveled.
  • The cutter feed speed is driven by a servo motor for variable speed change, allowing for cutting various wood materials.
  • Equipped with material magazine to provide fully automatic tenon cutting operations.


Max.cutting length 1000mm
Spindle speed 9000 R.P.M
Max. width of tenon 60 mm +2R
Max. depth of tenon 0 ~35 mm
Max. thickness of tenon 25mm
Spindle motor 3HP x2
Servo motor 400W x2
Head position adjustment motor 1/2 HP
Dust hood outlet diameter Ø3" x4
Machine dimensions 2600 x1680 x1850 mm
Packing dimensions 2660 x1720 x2150 mm
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Address:No. 29, Chien-Cheng Lane, Beitun District Taichung City, 406 Taiwan