Grain Brushing Machine

Grain Brushing Machine

Grain Brushing Machine

Product ID: GF-48H

  • Variable Feed Speed
    The wood feed speed is variable, permitting the machine to brush grain on various types of wood.
  • Power Conveyor Table Elevation Digital Position Control
    The conveyor table elevation is performed by power combined with digital position controller, providing convenient, fast and accurate setting for working thickness.
  • Load-indication Amp. Meter
    The control panel is provided with Amp. meter. It indicates the percentage of motor load during sanding to avoid overload occurring.
  • High Quality Conveyor Belt
    The sander employs high quality conveyor belt for long service life.



Independently Adjusted Speed

The speed of steel brush roller con be independently adjusted to suit machining requirement of various types of wood, and creating various quality as desired.

Centralized Control Panel

All motion controls of the machine are centralized on a control panel. Large, clearly identified push buttons simplify setup and start up.

Digital Position Controller (Optional)

The conveyor table adjustment is controlled by the digital position controller, providing accurate digital readout. The sanding thickness can be preset for maximum operation convenience.


Working width 4’ 4’ 4’
Working height 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm
Main motor standard 25 x 1, 20 x 1 25 x 2, 20 x 1 25 x 3, 20 x 1
Feed motor 2 HP 3 HP 5 HP
Table hoist motor 0.5 HP 1 HP 1 HP
Feed speed (Variable) 4~15 M/min 4~15 M/min 4~15 M/min
Size of steel brush roller Φ200 mm Φ200 mm Φ200 mm
Exhaust volume requirement 3500 M3/Hr 6860 M3/Hr 9870 M3/Hr
Net weight 2100 kg 3100 kg 4000 kg
Gross weight 2200 kg 3250 kg 4200 kg

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