Horizontal Multi-Spindles Grooving Machine

Horizontal Multi-Spindles Grooving Machine

Horizontal Multi-Spindles Grooving Machine


Machine Features:


  • Table elevation is manually operated.
  • Table height may be easily adjusted to suit workpiece thickness.

Cutter Feed
Cutter feed forward and backward on precision round rod combined with specially designed hydraulic system, assuring maximum stability and smoothness of feed motions.  

Clamping Cylinder

The hydraulically operated clamping cylinder provides powerful clamping force. It clamps workpiece securely to avoid damaging due to workpiece slipping.  

Centralized Control Panel
All of the machine motions are grouped on a control panel for operation convenience. 
Foot Switch Operation
The foot switch permits operator to free his hands for handling workpiece. Mortising operation is conveniently made by simply treading on the foot switch, that upgrades working efficiency and safety.

no. M2412262

Spindle motor 5HP x 2 5HP x 2 5HP x 2
Vibrating spindle motor 1HP x 1 1HP x 1 2HP x 1
Hydraulic pump motor 2HP x 1 2HP x 1 2HP x 1
Inverter motor 1HP x 1 1HP x 1 2HP x 1
Spindle travel 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm
No.of spindle 6 12 14
Oscillation stroke 0~100mm 0~100mm 0~100mm
Max. boring dia ø12 mm ø12 mm ø12 mm
Working table 360 x1300 mm 360 x1860 mm 360 x24600 mm
Table elevation motor 1HP 1HP 1HP
Max.dist.from spinde to table 0~80 mm 0~80 mm 0~80 mm
No.of hold down clamp 3 4 6
Hydraulic pressure 30 kg/cm2 30 kg/cm2 30 kg/cm2
Machine size 1650x900x1450mm 2300x900x1450mm 2950x900x1450mm
Packing size 1800x1050x1600mm 2450x1050x1600mm 3100x1050x1600mm
N.W./G.W. 1200 / 1300 kgs 1800 / 1900 kgs 2100 / 2200 kgs

Contact Detail
Address:No. 29, Chien-Cheng Lane, Beitun District Taichung City, 406 Taiwan