Wide Belt Sander - Belt Sander, Wide Belt Sanding ,3 Capacity

Product ID: GF-1000 Series

  • Poweful Motor Drive
  • Big , Rubber Covered Contact Drum
  • Spring Loaded Pressure Rollers
  • Wera Resistan Pressure Plate
  • Variable Feed Speed
  • Power Conveyor Table Elevation Digital Position Control
  • Load-indication Amp. Meter
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Pressure Plate For Short Wood (Optional)
  • Steel Contact Roller (Optional)
  • Hydraulic Feed System (Optional)

Convenient Size Correcting

Sanding size error can be fast and conveniently corrected by adjusting the parallelism. Between the sanding belt drive rollers.

Timing Belt Transmission

The machine employ imported high quality timing belt, providing full power transmission without belt slipping problem.

Brake Controlled by Photocell Sensor

In case sanding belt runs out of normal track or breaks, the photocell sensors actuate brake immediately. This avoids damaging on machine while providing a dependable safety protection. (Conventional limit switch is often damaged and insufficient for safety protection.)

Automatic Lubricator (Optional)

The lubricator provides automatic and frequent lubrication to the conveyor table elevation mechanism. It ensures smooth elevation motion and high positioning accuracy, and extends pants service life.

Precision Ball Screw

The conveyor table elevation is transmitted through the imported high precision ball screws. Loading capacity on each ball screw is 1.8tons. Accuracy tolerance is ±0.005mm

Sanding Belt Tension Elevation Cylinder

Employs oscillating bearing design to ensure smooth oscillation motion. High quality air cylinder features long service life.

Working width 910 mm 910 mm
Working height 150 mm 150 mm
Main motor standard 30, 20 HP 30, 25, 25 HP
Feed motor 3 HP 5 HP
Table hoist motor 1/2 HP 1/2 HP
Feed speeds (Variable) 6-20 M/min 6-20 M/min
Sanding belt size 84"x38" 84"x38"
Compressed air required 5 kg/cm² 5 kg/cm²
Exhaust volume requirement 3,500 M³/Hr 3,500 M³/Hr
Net weight / Gross weight 3,000 kg / 3,200 kg 3,600 kg / 3,800 kg
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